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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 21, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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last bites. have a great weekend. hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. welcome to "right this minute." all new videos and the stories behind them starting right now. a player in a soccer game spots a small object. >> he picks something up that somebody threw on the field. >> see what happened next that threw everybody -- >> oh! a deer is trapped for hours fence. >> they're resilient, these deer. >> how some truckers pulled off the rescue and a little rehab. "west wing" fans reunite. >> people aren't voting. >> one of the stars revealed the real story behind the viral hit. >> how did they get all of you to take time out of your busy schedules to do this? >> well, we're all unemployed
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and broke. and if parachuting just isn't extreme enough, you've got to try swooping. >> there is a little wreck here. >> that's calmed a swoop. >> oh! international soccer fans, they're passionate about their sport, we know that and known to maybe throw some stuff on the field. garbage, beer bottles, whatever. this video crosses the line, though, and i think you'll agree with me. this is sduring an asian champions league quarterfinal between two teams. one from iran and one from saudi arabia. the game is taking place in iran. now, watch this. a player in the yellow jersey there, he's on the iranian team. he picks something up that somebody threw on the field. it's like a small, black, sphere-type object, and watch what he does. he goes, watch this. tosses it off the field. seconds later -- >> oh! >> it's been reported that could have been a live grenade. you see this thing explode just
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seconds after he throws this thing off the field. it could have been in his hand. that could have blown up his arm. >> that could have killed this guy. >> are you kidding me? >> okay. wait a minute. a real, actual military grenade? >> it's unclear what it was exactly. maybe a homemade explosive device. a low-grade grenade. lots of theories are out there. >> regardless, i mean, who throws an explosive device, homemade or otherwise, on to a soccer field? >> and this was a home game for this yellow team. so if you're a fan of this yellow team, the iranian team what kind of fan is that? >> you know what's going to happen? they're not going to be invited to international games if this is something people have to worry about. >> it doesn't appear anybody was hurt. as you see in the video, no one was next to this thing. now police are trying to investigate to figure out where this thing came from. i'm not going to lie to you two. the first time i saw this video -- waterworks. >> come on.
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>> i cried. >> you are quite sensitive. >> especially sensitive to animals who are in need. >> oh, boy. he's -- >> look at this poor deer stuck in a wrought iron fence in california. this deer was caught in this fence that surrounded the fairgrounds. never fear. a bunch of truck drivers, acc d according to the post came to this deer's rescue. >> hey! >> all right. there you go. you okay? >> he's out, but look -- watch, tc watch what hahas looks l -- oh, no. oh, he's like got an indent nation his rib cage area. >> he must have been there for a while. >> probably have to put him down tharchlts just means his legs are asleep. pins and needles hven't worn off. >> might just be no blood in this back legs. >> he's moving them. >> give him five more minutes. >> they start moving its legs back and forth trying to get the blood flow back into the legs. look how gentle and sweet and
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loving and awesome softies these guys are. >> yeah. they're like -- this is like a visit to the chiropractor. >> unfortunately, nick, we will novelty see the deer run off in this video. the video ends as they're massaging the deer's legs, but we did get in contact with the poster of this video, and he said a few minutes later, think deer did get up and run off. >> just magic. there he goes. it's a double jewelry store heist executed at the same time and you won't believe how these criminals did it. check out this individual grow british columbia. it's inside a mall and that is the janitor right there, but watch what happens. >> oh, boy. >> oh, boy. >> this jeep comes crashing through the mall doors, crashes into a jewelry store. then crashes into another jewelry store. >> that takes some -- >> police say they all had d
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disguises and tools and targeted the cases where the most expensive items were held. >> you can tell they were casing the joint because the guy driving the vehicle knew exactly where to go and what areas to hit. >> when you see them get out, two head for one jewelry store and the others head for somewhere else. >> this is not your average smash and grab. these people thought it out. >> the police say there were other incidents where this happened. >> when a car drove into a mall and robbed a jewelry store? >> uh-huh. >> they need to make smaller hallways in their mall or feel them up with -- >> the jeep that they're driving, stolen. found a couple of blocks away. the only person in any real danger was the janitor. he had to jump out of the way once that car comes crashing through. >> must have been a confusing day for him, plus, like, man, i just swept this floor. >> look at the mess he's going to have to clean up. there's a religious festival
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in china that was celebrated recently, but what the organizers did became incredibly controversial. >> what is that? what does that look like? looks like neem a cage. >> that is exactly what it is. the organizers of this festival decided that they didn't want beggars to harass and follow the thousands of people that were going to come to this festival. so they decided that they were going to build these cages and put these beggars in them. >> needless to say, human rights organizations are really upset saying that this was a human zoo and that these organizers were treating these people like animals. organizers have reportedly said that the cages were built to keep control oevver the beggars and apparently these people can come in and out of the cages as they wish, except, if they do leave the cages, they're going to be banished and escorted out of the city. >> some festival that is. what are they celebrating?
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exclusionism? >> this is really heartbreaking to see. i mean, there are children in these cages. >> if they wanted to do this to not distract from the ceremony, i think it did the opposite. if anything, this looks more like a spectacle and now you're kind of going, what are these people behind bars? it's a wide-open colorado mountain road. >> then you hear a noise. i wonder what's coming? >> see what's coming, next. a guy is breaking through the window of a bar, and you know what the bar patrons are thinking? >> how are we going to handle this guy? >> see just how they do handle [ dog growls, barks ] bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. are better than others.
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that was fast! thank you.
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you guys, we have an update on gabe friedman's story. we've been following his story all week. remember in this video, he thought a meter maid was giving him a ticket even though he time on the meter. but the city said, actually you
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did run out of time. somebody put a dime in. he said, i didn't put it in. well, the man who dropped the dime came forward. >> if this is the only show you watch, this is the story of the century. >> he didn't want to show his face but talked to nbc 4 in l.a. >> maybe the parking ticket maid would say,aybe it didn't expire. 30 seconds, gave him a ticket. >> drop add dime in. >> it proves there are good people out there. people willing to take a little extra time, do something nice. except this just didn't work i. can't think that the meter guy would be seen as the villain and i can't see that gabe wants to be the villain. >> now everybody wants gabe to take him to lunch. >> is the dime dropper giving you money, to continue covering the story on "right this minute"? >> i feel like we're doing an ad.
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who didn't love the hit show "the west wing"? ♪ >> hey -- >> we see mary mccormack come in, played kate harper on the show and one of their famous walk and talk scenes. >> this is the voting thing. >> what voting thing? >> now in the office of c.j. craig. josh lyman is upset about something. >> people aren't voting. >> here's the crisis. 15 states have a non-partisan ballot section during their election. michigan is one of those states. >> okay. explain this to me like i'm a 2-year-old and try to do it like you are not. >> people walk into the voting booth. they check the straight party ticket box and they think they have voted for everything, but they haven't. they still have to vote on the non-partisan section of the ballot. >> that's a big deal in a place like michigan. they're non-partisan. >> voting half way? >> not voting for everything that can be voted o. right.
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>> so "the west wing" cast gets together as sort of a voting psa? >> almost. >> this is bridget mary mccorporal it. ma mary mccormack's sister running for state stream court in the non-partisan section of the ballot. >> a and she's mary mccormack's sister. >> wait. this is a campaign ad from "the west wing" cast? >> yes. to tell us a little more about this campaign ad we have one of the actors from "the west wing" via skype right this minute. richard shift is joining us. how did they get all of you to take time out of your busy schedules to do this? >> well, we're all unemployed and broke. mary bribed us with cake. i had met mary's sister before and she's a very, very active attorney in michigan and works very hard for certain cases, so she's quite an amazing woman. soon as mary asked, i was happy to help out. >> i think all of us, whenever there's a reason to get together and help out a cause, we're very
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happy to do it. >> now, you have another huge project that's online right now. tell us about chasing the hills. >> chasing the hill is an on the web political series that any fan of "the west wing" is going love, and this is getting a lot of attention around the political press and around the country. it's a pay per view deal. you've got to actually go online, chasing the hill dotcom and pay half the price of a cup of starbucks. video from colorado row. you see someone there with a camera and then you hear a noise. wonder what's coming? >> what? >> batman! batman and robin. >> yes, batman and robin are now using skateboards to get around. >>joker was after him. looks like a longboard. looks like there is their arms
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behind their backs and helmets molded to make them more ae aerodynamic. something that should be in the olympics. >> what if a car's coming the other way? >> what if they hit a rock? >> you stop. >> marshmallow. there's marshmallows at the end of the course and they go into marshmallows. >> how fast are they going? >> on internet saying just over 60 miles an hour. >> that's normal speed in a car. he's on skateboard. >> and a fender bender in a car is pretty bad. imagine what it would be on a skateboard? >> worse. gallagher smashing stuff in super slow mo. >> i want to show people things they haven't seen before. >> ooh. >> see it, next, "right this minute." this video was a big, viral hit with football fans, now we meet the woman under the hog -- >> curious to know, how do you get your nose to look like that? >> wow!
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>> see our latest video, next. guy's out doing some spear fishing and along comes a -- >> what the heck is that thing? >> see what the heck is fishing for what he's got on "right this minute." when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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gator. >> oh, boy. >> they catch a gator that's more than 12 feet long. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> this one doesn't end pretty, though, so be warned. >> i've got one. if you're a snowboarder you're going to love a group of boys made a hybrid snowboard for a friend that was a pro snowboarder in an accident back in 2000 and ended up paralyzed from the chest down. a way for him to get back out there on the slopes. >> it's amazing. >> it's great to see, and if you love outdoor sports, you're going to love this one. see both of these videos head over to and click on. >> best of rtm. and what looked to be like a wild west scene. at this point the door, locked but smashing through the window is 20-year-old thomas james greene. he's breaking into the pub. he's smashing out the window pup see a the other people start to say, hmm, how are we going to handle this guy? here he comes through the window. look at his right hand, he's wielding a --
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>> whoa. he got a bar stool in the face. >> and a busted poll cue to the arm. look at his right arm, he's got a big piece of glass in there. the people shove him back out of the bar. apparently greene was upset over a fight that he had with his father earlier in the night. his dad was in the bar. he's coming back to smash into the bar and continue the fight. greene did plead guilty to this incident, and he was given 100 hours of unpaid work in order to pay compensation for the broken window. >> is this guy right here his dad? he's looking at him like, son, you know better than this. >> it appears to be that way, beth. >> i think father and son should maybe go see a therapist or something. there seems to be some issues here. not so long ago i introduced you guys to the super fan of all super fans. >> yes. >> likes the arkansas razorbacks.
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arkansas got crushed over this past weekend. liz is still trying to tell her team, keep their heads up, to the tune of "ain't no stoppin' us now" by the r&b duo. >> let's go, hogs, let's go. whew! whew, pig, pig. >> right now we have liz joining us "right this minute" from arkansas to tell us about these awesome music videos. how you doing, liz? >> awesome. thank you. >> so how do you keep it going after a team loses, i hate to say it, 52-0. >> everybody knows alabama's the number one team in the country. so we had to just play them, get it behind us and move forward. >> i'm curious to know a little bit about you. who are you? in real life? [ laughter ] >> i am city clerk treasure in the thune i live own that i liv.
2:21 pm
i am a normal person. i wasn't drugged when i made the first video. wasn't drugged when i made the second video and assurely haven -- i surely haven't had anything to drink now. >> the razorbacks have they seen the video? >> they have, but i don't think they realize the magnitude of how deep, how far and how wide this has gone, but they are very sportive. very, very supportive. they all love it. >> how do you get your nose to look like that? is it just scotch tape? >> well, actually, it's shipping tape. >> wow. >> i just put it on the end of my nose. pull it up. and press it to my forehead. >> can you teach us a quick chant? we can all get behind your razorbacks and give you support this weekend? >> sure. there's the basic hog.
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>> suey, go, pig, go razorbacks. >> go hogs! >> go hogs. it's not your everyday skydive landing. it's swooping. >> you swoop across the ground. you skim the top of the ground. >> like a long jump, but for parachutes. coming in anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino.
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four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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> i want to send some love to
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chrysler from john barbados was born and seem to get together for a cool edition. chrysler 300, and to commemorate this joint venture of this amazing designer and carmaker, they decided to make a 3d mural outside the john barbados store in new york city. >> oh! it's one of those awesome, like -- you just kind of walk over ter and you feel like you're immersed in this 3d world. >> yes. a sea of road, kind of being defined. there's a guitar. but as the artists continue to paint, you see that they're actually creating the roll under the sidewalk. >> that's beautiful. >> artists amaze me. how they can create this on a flat surface. >> coolest thing about this hands down, the guy kept the gold gum. >> nice touch. you take a cool fishing trip top mozambique.
2:26 pm
you spear a fish and this happened. >> i feel bad about spearing a fish. >> i would, too. >> the circle of life, pays it back. he spears the fish, goes in to get it. got the fish. he's got -- >> oh! >> what the heck is that thing? >> that thing -- that thing is my cousin, the potato bass. known as a potato cod or a grouper. >> that's awesome. >> all i know is that guy's lucky to have his hand and give up the fish. >> he had to yank his arm out of that fish's mouth. >> any breathing apparatus on. >> a snorkel. he's going down with the fish. >> definitely could have. >> can you imagine? >> i think a little hook was in the fish. that grouper's going to have some indigestion i. would have pooped my wet suit. >> he didn't have on a wet suit. just a little speedo it looks like. ip thought he was tattooed. >> all over his body and his hand like that? >> yeah. i thought he had a tattoo.
2:27 pm
landing with a parachute after sky diving is so boring. kind of lands. who cares? boring. wouldn't you rather swoop when you're landing? >> no. >> these guys do. one of the firmier swoopers in the country. here's his video at a competition for swooping. what is it? >> a very, very exciting and incredibly dangerous sport where skydivers jump our the aircraft, immediately pull they're parachute and dive towards the ground. pull out at the last possible moment and go as far, long or as fast as mob across the ground. >> look how steep that dive is. >> holy -- >> spiral down. skim across this little pond and then you -- then you, then you -- then you just try and see how far along you can continue your close ground swoop. >> oh! like a long jump but for parachuters. >> yeah. you have a starting point and then you have to see how far you
2:28 pm
can kind of flutter out that landing. >> what if you don't go, stay high enough? you're going to crash. >> there is a little wreck here. that's called a se sw-oop! >> that was good. that's it for "right this minute." we'll see you next time. -- captions by vitac --
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bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. are better than others. that was fast! thank you.


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